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What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a tunnel that creates an absolutely secure connection between multiple devices. It allows its users to surf the internet in the most private manner, not having to worry about any restrictions or external tracking.

    How Myvpn Protects Your Online Privacy

    • Common way of connecting to the web is via your ISP (Internet Service Provider). After successful connection, you are redirected to the chosen website. All the traffic that was generated during your visit is passed through ISP servers, which means that this data is absolutely opened and can be easily viewed by your ISP.

    • When connecting to VPN service, its server creates a so-called Encrypted Channel, which carefully encodes all data produced by your internet activity. No more disposing the traffic to your ISP provider. From now on, only you and VPN server can see your digital activity.

Why Do I Need a VPN?

Regain Your Privacy

Most of your online activities are tracked by shadow agencies, website owners, advertisers and more. Take your privacy back!

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Copyright holders restrict the access to their content in certain parts of the world. With MyVPN, you can watch and listen to anything you like.

Protect Your Personal Data

MyVPN allows you to take control of your personal data and ensure its security, no matter when and where you are.

What VPN Does

Change Your IP

Gaining private access to worldwide web without any restrictions is possible by changing IP address. With 50 server locations worldwide, MyVPN hides user's location and IP and prevents external tracking.

Browse Anonymously

Gain true Internet anonymity with MyVPN. Ban your ISP, advertisers and agencies from following you around the web. One click – and no one is able to see your browsing history, downloads, and other online activities.

Use VPN Encryption

Our military-level AES-256 encryption protects your sensitive data anywhere and anytime. You can even check your bank account or shop online using a public Wi-Fi – the sensitive data is 100% secure.

Are you looking for best VPN?

Discover Benefits of Digital Privacy with MyVPN

Get our 100% anonymous VPN and enjoy the content you want – no restrictions, no annoying speed caps, no surveillance. Just the safety and the speed!

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