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Unblock the Music World with MyVPN

You are traveling abroad, and suddenly your Spotify isn’t accessible. Or, maybe, you want to switch to Beats Music, but it’s not available in your region. Bypass annoying restrictions with one tap – install MyVPN!

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How Can I Unblock Music Using MyVPN?

We have gathered the best music streaming services for your convenience. Pick one of them, connect to MyVPN and lose yourself in the magic of the music world.

Change Your Location

Most bans are based on your physical location. However, when you are connecting with MyVPN, we route your traffic via a server in a different country. The music streaming service detects your new location and gives you the green light.

Hide Your IP

Modern websites and apps can identify your IP on the go. However, when you cover your address using MyVPN, no one can see your real location. You appear to be from the States, so you can enjoy the comfort of favorite music streaming services.

Check Out These Famous Streaming Services

We have gathered the best music streaming services for your convenience. Pick one of them, connect to MyVPN and lose yourself in the magic of the music world.



This iconic music streaming service gives you many good tunes to listen to for $9.99 per month. The service is available in 65 countries, leaving the rest out. Get MyVPN now and enjoy quality music anywhere in the world.


Pandora Radio

This super-famous streaming service has gained its popularity due to a clever operation mechanics. Though currently, Pandora is only available in the US, this should not stop you. Get MyVPN and try this amazing service for yourself!



This is an awesome platform to discover new artists and find crazy remixes to your favorite songs. Though the platform is mostly free for the listeners, a lot of content is unavailable outside the US due to the copyright law.



Check out the best collection of radio stations and podcasts. Though the service is free, sometimes you will need a VPN to listen to a podcast or a live performance of a band. Enjoy flawless music with MyVPN.


Google Play

This is a standard streaming service on any Android device. Google Play forms random automatic playlists, or suggest music based your previous lists. Despite the fact it’s powered by Google, you still might need a VPN sometimes.


Apple Music

Here is another standard streaming service, but this one is for those who prefer iOS. You can also listen to the live “Beats 1” radio for fresh hits and interviews with bands. MyVPN grants you full access on the maximum speed.

Three Steps to Awesome Music on Your Device

You are just seconds away from being engrossed in the magical music world.

Sign Up and Download

Pick the suitable subscription plan and get the app to your device.


Connect to a Server

Pick a server where the website you need is accessible and connect by one tap.



Unblock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other services to browse content you like.


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