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Blazing Speed Media Streaming with MyVPN

With MyVPN, you can change your IP, surpass content restrictions and stream amazing content anywhere in the world.

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Why Do I Need VPN to Stream Media?

Get a VPN to surpass location-based content limitations and steam any media type on the highest speed.

Change Your IP Easily

Change your IP address with a few taps, and the media provider will think you are browsing from their country, and let you see or listen to whatever you want. With a little bit of help from MyVPN, you can immerse yourself in the magic of favorite shows!

Surpass Content Restrictions

In some parts of the world, users get full access to music, TV and other streaming services, while in others even educational services and blogs are blocked. With MyVPN, you can access any content you want in the matter of a few minutes.

Which Streaming Services Will I Unblock?

With more than 2500 servers situated in 50 locations, MyVPN allows you to unblock a lot of the popular media streaming services and platforms. Here is just a couple of the most popular services you will be able to use:


BBC iPlayer

iPlayer grants you the access to BBC exclusive content, however, it is only accessible for the UK residents. Use MyVPN to watch your favorite British shows, and never miss the new Doctor Who episodes.



Here is some unpleasant news – Netflix displays a different show library based on your location, the largest being, of course, in the US. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you won’t get to enjoy your favorite films and shows. Unblock all the fun with MyVPN!


Sling TV

Sling TV is like a cable, but cooler and cheaper. For $20 a month you will be able to stream a lot of awesome channels, such as HBO, Disney, NBS, ESPN, BBC America and more. Since the service is US-based, you need MyVPN to access it.


YouTube TV, YouTube Red

YouTube has launched its original series service, and it’s awesome! Oh, and YouTube TV allows you to enjoy unlimited streams from your favorite vloggers, or record a couple on your own, if you can access the service, of course.



You can stream HBO Now only if you reside in the US or select US territories. Or you can connect to MyVPN’s server in the US with one click and enjoy the last seasons of the Game of Thrones right in the premiere day!



Chromecast is Google’s handy digital media player that allows you to stream a ton of fabulous content. Some of it might be geo-restricted. So, to enhance your experience, use a VPN and access more shows and movies.


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